Hui Lau Shan, Melb CBD (Invited)

Hui Lau Shan opened its first store in Australia in the busy Elizabeth St in Melbourne CBD.
This Hong Kong chain is famous for its prominent use of mango in their diverse range of drinks and desserts – from ice cream balls, mochi balls, sago and soup desserts.
You surely won’t miss this shop with bright yellow sign from the outside. The shop is located right beside claw machines arcade with cute decorations.
We almost mistaken that they are the same shops.

They have plenty of seats upstairs so you get to enjoy your desserts with your friends while hanging out inside.
All orders will be taken downstairs at the counter near the entrance. To dine in, you have to spend a minimum of $6 per person.
What we usually do if we hangout with our friends, we just order lots of desserts to be shared, so that it will be enough to cover the $6 per person cap.
This way we can order their Jumbo size Mango balls which we love for sharing!

We got invited to sample their newly launched Winter desserts menu and also their all time favorite menus.

You will not considered ‘try’ Hui Lau Shan if you have yet to taste their mango desserts.
Since we want to try all their mango type desserts, we pick Mango Romance ($10.90) that contains fresh mango slice, mango sago and ice cream, mango mochi, mango chewy ball.


Everything is just perfect and not overly sweet. Love their chewy ball a bit too much.
If you like the mango and chewy ball combo – you can order this one next time even in a Jumbo size! The sago is also fresh and a bit milky from the ice cream which we like.
A good sample menu too try especially if you are a Hui Lau Shan’s first timer.
Definitely really great mango taste and so fresh!


Durian & Pomelo with Sago – definitely a must order for all Durian lovers.
A dollop of real Durian meat and its intense fragrant which we enjoy (well not so much if you don’t like Durian) with the milky Sago and Pomelo.
The sweetness was just right and with real Durian taste which we really appreciate.


Milk Custard with Red Bean – pretty much a silken tofu like milk custard pudding with red bean. So simple but this one is a yummer!

Avocado milk drink

Avocado milk drink

Avocado milk drink – Mild avocado taste and not too thick like smoothie texture which we prefer.
Lighter avocado taste compared to the milk sadly.
Would be super nice with stronger avocado taste.

Taiwan Greengage – Something light and refreshing a bit refreshing sour sweet flavour. This is the first time we tried greengage.
So based on our research, greengage is closest to plum, a small round greenish yellow (similar to green grape) plum with intense flavour which usually found in a dessert. Definitely really refreshing and something unique to try.

Miss Epi in action XOXO

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Hui Lau Shan’s team for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time

Yay: Mango Romance, Durian & Pomelo with Sago, Milk Custard with Red Bean, Taiwan Greengage
Nay: Avocado milk drink

Taste: 4.0

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmile

Location: 425 Elizabeth Street, CBD, Melbourne, VIC
Phone: 03 6122 0329

Hui Lau Shan 许留山 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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