Steer Dining Room, South Yarra

On that day the weather in Melbourne wasn’t too friendly. It was windy, cold and raining in the morning.
TGIF, so much better despite the crappy weather. Guess what? Our day turned to be so fascinating cause we received the last minute notification that we won on a raffle dinner run by @forksake for a 6-course ‘secondary cuts’ Diamonds dining.
It’s the degustation dinner for two matched with wines from @tellurianwinesheathcote, the venue’s located not far where we live on Claremont Street, South Yarra 🙂
We’re both excited and had a wonderful dinner on that day.

Steer Dining Room is situated conveniently just few minutes walking distance from South Yarra station or Tram stop near the station.
No doubt that South Yarra is one of the most popular destination suburbs for Melburnians, this suburb has many great cafes, bars and restaurants; Thus, it’s bit a pain to get on the street parking on the weekend.
Luckily, it’s a walking distance only from where we live 🙂

Tellurian Winery

When we arrived, we’re welcomed by the customer staff. The service was exceptional and top class as what you’re expected from a fine dine restaurant.
The vibe and atmosphere were cosy, romantic and intimate; It’s really perfect for a special occasion with your date or family.
On the side of the table, there was a printed menu on that day.
Below was the order of all beef dishes from Cohuna Wagyu pairing with the wine from Tellurian Winery.

  • Smoked tongue, rhubarb, celeriac remoulade paired with Tellurian Viognier (white wine)
    The smoked tongue was beautifully presented in the cube shape along with the perfect seared on both sides.
    The taste was absolutely spot-on and balance; The meat was tender and soft.
    On the side, there was celeriac remoulade that compliment the smoked tongue and gave additional texture as well as freshness to the dish.
    Another good thing was the fact that this dish paired with the white wine on the first course which lifted up everyone’s expectation to enjoy the next course.
    Definitely, meet and beyond our expectation!!!


  • Seared Rost Biff, mustard emulsion, shallot paired with Tellurian Grenache (red wine)
    The beef was lightly seared on the edge left the medium/rare beef in the center.
    You’re able to see the fresh color and high quality beef glazed with mustard emulsion and sprinkled of fried shallot on the top which gave additional complexity and great texture of the dish.
    Honestly, the second dish was also amazing and we loved every single bit of this Seared Rost Biff. It’s also lightly seasoned and had balance taste.
    The overall taste was rich and flavourful.
    The Seared Rost Biff was nicely paired with the red wine.

    Seared Rost Biff, mustard emulsion, shallot

    Seared Rost Biff, mustard emulsion, shallot

  • Ox tail, khoralbi, consomme paired with Tellurian Nero D’Avola (red wine)
    The ox tail was elegantly wrapped in khoralbi leave and clear broth.
    Ox tail was perfectly cooked and seasoned well. The taste of broth was very rich and flavourful.
    We managed to clean up the plate including the broth – LOL


  • Brisket, broccolini, white pepper caramel sauce paired with Tellurian GSM (red wine)
    The brisket was perfectly grilled and glazed the caramel sauce. Another amazing dish presented by Steer Dining Room.
    The meat was tender, soft and well seasoned. It’s fourth dish already, the kitchen team managed to deliver a consistent dish. BIG THUMBS for them!!!


  • Tri Tip, cauliflower, brioche crumb paired with Tellurian ‘TLR’ Shiraz (red wine)
    This dish was our least favourite among all dishes though it was perfectly grilled and well seasoned.
    It had too much beef fat on the meat, we’re not a big fan of the meat contains lots of fat.
    However, if you’re a steak lover and have no issue with that this dish is really perfect for you!


  • Palate cleanser
  • Dark chocolate slice, choc aero, beef fat caramel ice cream paired with Tellurian ‘SR’ Shiraz (red wine)
    Finally was the dessert time, we’re so excited to find out how good their dessert which was made from beef fat. Beef Fat??? Yeah, it’s from beef fat!
    I was bit hesitate to check this out. We had good first impression with the presentation of the dish.
    Firstly, the dark chocolate was fantastic! It wasn’t too sweet. Secondly, the beef fat caramel ice cream was really fabulous. You wouldn’t think that this ice cream made from beef fat! That’s amazing! It was creamy, not heavy and not too sweet.
    Finally, the choc aero toned down both Dark chocolate and caramel ice cream.
    Brilliant dessert!


Overall, it was just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! You’ll be blown away with their amazing delicate dished.
The team was so solid to prepare and create any beautiful dishes from anything!
You should try this fine dine restaurant; we reckon the dishes, services, value, taste and others were much better than what we had in the similar places around Southbank / CBD area.

Miss Epi in action!!

Yay: Smoked tongue, rhubarb, celeriac remoulade; Seared Rost Biff, mustard emulsion, shallot paired; Ox tail, khoralbi, Brisket, broccolini, white pepper caramel sauce; consomme; Dark chocolate slice, choc aero, beef fat caramel ice cream
Nay: too much beef fat on the meat (Tri Tip, cauliflower, brioche crumb paired)

Taste: 4.5
Service: 5.0

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmilesmile

Location: 15 Claremont Street, South Yarra VIC 3141
Phone: (03) 9040 1188

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