Unagi Don

TSK, South Melbourne (Invited)

TSK stands for Tokyo Sushi Kitchen, just recently opened their youngest branch in Clarendon Street, South Melbourne.
This young Japanese restaurant offers an array selection of Japanese dishes such as, sushi, poke to ramen, don, udon and bento.
We’re glad to be invited by TSK South Melbourne to experience their food.

Location was fantastic, it’s surrounded by offices, banks and other business activities along this street.
Though The place wasn’t too spacious, TSK accommodates very well in both take away and dine in for a small group.
No worries, they’re planning to add more seats, launch new dinner menu and Asahi on tap in the next few weeks! So exciting…
The vibe and atmosphere were cosy and great. Customer service was nice, friendly and attentive.

Firstly, we’re served two poke bowls: TSK Sashimi Salmon and TSK Sashimi Tuna.
We paired TSK Sashimi Salmon with Spicy Mayo and TSK Sashimi Tuna with Sesame dressing.
They’re both fresh, tasty and very decent dishes. The soba noodle was cooked well and not soggy. Everything was spot on.
Balance taste and great color presentation on the dish, very appealing.
We had a good impression on our first dishes.


TSK Sashimi Salmon

Our second round of dishes were the entrees.

  • Gyoza (6 pcs)
    They’re well seasoned and cooked well. It was nicely seared and had a slight smokey flavour. It had balance taste and well seasoned.
    The taste was above the average and delicious.



  • Takoyaki (6 pcs)
    Octopus balls served with bbq mayo & shaved bonito
    You hardly find in any Japanese restaurant that’s generously served octopus meat fillings in the takoyaki.
    Here in TSK, you’d definitely enjoy the rich, tasty takoyaki balls with generous filling. The octopus was freshly cooked and seasoned well.
    Definitely recommended for you to order!tsk-8
  • Yakitori
    Charcoal grilled skewered chicken
    Their Yakitori was one of the highlights for tonight; It was marinated and grilled perfectly.
    The taste was balance and glazed perfectly with Yakitori sauce which wasn’t too overwhelming and not too heavy. The chicken meat was tender and juicy.
    You would definitely enjoy every bite of this Yakitori.
    The size was quite gigantic for a Yakitori, What a good value!!!
    We reckon it’s one of the best Yakitori we’ve ever had!



  • Kaarage Chicken
    TSK’s signature fried chicken served with mayo
    It must be a reason when the restaurant flagged their dish by using the keyword “Signature”.
    The Kaarage was AMAZING! It was perfectly deep fried, crunchy from outside and perfectly cooked from the inside.
    On the side, there was a mayo dipping sauce to give you the option to add more rich flavours. The chicken was great by itself though.
    Definitely Tick all the boxes on what we’re expected of the great Kaarage!tsk-13

Finally, we ordered 1 ramen, 1 donburi and paired them with tempura.

  • Traditional Pork Ramen with tender pork Char Siu slices
    (10-hour slow cooked rich & creamy pork-bone soup with Japanese quality ramen noodles)
    The ramen came in decent portion, there was half-cooked flavoured egg, seaweed and spring onions.
    The pork Char Siu was tender, seasoned well and soft.
    We’d prefer to have a slightly stronger taste of broth soup, you’d definitely enjoy this ramen if you like a light taste of ramen soup broth.
    It would be a decent ramen; unfortunately, the noodle was slightly overcooked and too soft.tsk-15
  • Unagi Don
    Grilled eel glazed with unagi sauce on rice served with side salad
    The Unagi Don was beautifully seasoned and spot on. The sauce wasn’t too overwhelming.
    We really enjoyed this Unagi Don, very decent!tsk-16
  • Tempura Prawns & Vege
    Everything was great and delicious. They’re well seasoned and had a balance taste.
    On the top of tempura dish, the prawns weren’t greasy; They’re perfectly cooked, crispy and crunchy from the outside.
    At the bottom, it was slightly oily and greasy especially, the vege tempura.
    It would be so much better to have more time to drain the oil properly.
    Other than that, this tempura definitely met our standard and the taste was beyond the average.Tempura Prawns & Vege

Overall, we had an amazing night to be able to experience all Japanese dishes by the solid kitchen team from TSK.

Miss Epi is having a good time at TSK, South Melbourne

Note: We’d like to say thank you to TSK’s team for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time

Yay: TSK Sashimi Salmon, TSK Sashimi Tuna, Gyoza, Takoyaki, Yakitori, Kaarage Chicken, Unagi Don, Tempura Prawns & Vege
Nay: Noodle ramen was slightly overcooked, tempura vege was slightly greasy.

Taste: 4.0

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmile

Location: 208 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne, Melbourne
Phone: 03 7016 8026
Website: tokyosushikitchen.com.au

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