Claypots Barbarosa, Melb CBD (Invited)

Claypots Barbarosa, CBD is the youngest among the other well established Claypots sister’s restaurant in Saint Kilda and South Melbourne.
This humble venue offers creative and traditional European style “Aperitivo Hour” specialising in Seafood. This venue built under the concept of hospitality, friends a place where people feel warm, welcoming and delighted.
We’re so delighted to be invited to have foodie experience in Claypots CBD.

The restaurant located on Hardware Lane, CBD where you would enjoy on the street music performance along this street on the weekend.
Here, at Claypots Barbarosa you could enjoy live European music every Tuesday night while you’re having dinner and surely pampered by their fantastic food.

Our first impression about this place was a homely feel, cosy and relax.
Also the fresh seafood caught us is on display in a glass cabinet at the front, when we’re visiting this place.
The customer service was friendly, knowledgeable and attentive.


At first, we ordered Sangria and in-house Mocktail.
The Sangria was made from (Red wine, vanilla, cinnamon, citrus) and it’s Barbarossa’s own recipe.
On the other hand, the Mocktail was also fabulous; It’s fresh, aromatic and not too sweet.
The drinks came along with the complimentary bread with olive oil, chilli powder and herbs on the side.

Our Entree dishes were:

  • Seafood cocktail served with chilled king prawn, oyster, mussels and scallop
    Generous amount of salad and seafood with the right amount of salad dressing. Little bit lime pressed on top of the seafood cocktail will add extra sour taste to make this dish even richer.
    Seafood were perfectly cooked and very tender.
    It’s a perfect entree dish to order! Loved it …


  • Field mushroom with dill in olive oil
    Large field mushroom covered with dill, olive oil and herbs. There was a mixed hint sweet and savoury taste.
    The mushroom had soft texture, we put hardly any effort to cut this tender mushroom.
    It was well seasoned and perfectly cooked.


  • King prawn grilled in the shell with garlic chilli & coriander
    King prawn was the dish that we’re waiting for and we had high expectation on the dish.
    It was spot on, well seasoned and perfectly grilled.
    The taste was balance and rich coming from garlic chilli & coriander; There was a hint of mild spicy from the sauce.
    For us, it’s one of the best King prawn grilled we’ve ever had! Definitely a 5 star for this dish!


  • Sambal stingray
    It was elegantly presented on matt black plate to match the color of Sambal stingray.
    We didn’t expect to have such a great taste from the stingray; It’s our first experience and we loved the dish straightaway.
    It’s a mouth watering dish with the tender; Don’t worry about the fish bone, they’ve managed to get rid off this one;
    You just simply enjoyed the good work and fantastic dish made by Claypots’ kitchen team. It’s a zesty finished dish!


    Sambal stingray

  • Grilled cuttlefish with squid ink
    At first we didn’t believe that it’s a cuttlefish because the texture was exactly like squid.
    It was perfectly cooked, well seasoned and had a balance taste.
    It had a smokey flavour and grilled perfectly.
    Tips: beware of the squid ink cause you don’t want to spill this on your shirt 🙂
    Another great and creative dish; Definitely MUST try when you’re visiting Claypots Barbarosa.


Our main dishes were:

  • Moroccan claypot – couscous, seafood baked in eggplant sauce
    The seafood was generously served and the sauce was very tasty.
    Actually we’re not a big fan of couscous cause we tried many different couscous dishes from other places, we didn’t quite enjoy it;
    Surprisingly, Claypots Barbarosa broke our negative impression from couscous. They managed to cook the seafood and couscous beautifully.
    We absolutely enjoyed every scoop from this dish.

  • Braised barramundi wings
    The barramundi was cooked and seasoned well. It was also beautifully presented.
    The taste was very rich and spot on; The texture was very soft.
    It might be tricky to eat this dish especially for kids because you might find many fish bones.
    It’s delicate dish for you to try!


  • Sauted leafy greens with garlic, olive oil & caper crumbs
    This perfect leafy dish toned down our seafood feast. Everything was perfectly cooked, fresh and flavourful!

    Sauted leafy greens with garlic, olive oil & caper crumbs

    Sauted leafy greens with garlic, olive oil & caper crumbs

Finally, we summed up our food journey by having Turk Coffee with Turkish delight sweet.
Overall, we had an awesome food experiences in Claypots Barbarosa; It’s not a rocket science dish but they managed to execute everything nicely, seasoned well and cooked in perfection.

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Claypots Barbarosa’s team for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time

Yay: Seafood cocktail, Field mushroom, King prawn, Sambal stingray, Grilled cuttlefish, Moroccan claypot, Braised barramundi wings, Sauted leafy greens
Nay: N/A

Taste: 5.0

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmilesmile

Location: 79 Hardware Lane, CBD, Melbourne, VIC
Phone: 03 9670 5255

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