Sushi and Sashimi Moriawase

Izakaya Jiro, Hawthorn (Invited)

Japanese food has been widely known and become one of the most popular cuisines in many countries and why is that?
Not only because of the healthy ingredients, balance taste and seasonings, they’re also simple, light, flavourful and beautifully presented.
Here at Izakaya Jiro, you’ll be spoiled by the array of Japanese food selections from sushi and sashimi to grilled seafood and salad as well as variety collection of Japanese sakes and beers.
We’re so glad to be invited by Izakaya Jiro Team to have dine in experience.

Izakaya literally means “stay sake shop”; The place where you can linger with good friends, good food, and good drinks.
Izakaya Jiro is a well established contemporary-casual semi fine dining Japanese restaurant situated in busy, Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn since 2012.

The restaurant is easily accessible both by public transport or private vehicle; It’s just a few steps to catch public transport and plenty of on the street car parks available.
We came on dinner time and it was so busy! Surely, this place is loved by local and neighborhood.
The restaurant was quite spacious and they also have more seats on second floor; Thus, this place becomes a versatile spot to organise any private event or come with big group of friends or family.
The vibe and atmosphere were amazing and cosy!
Customer service was exceptional, friendly and attentive.


  • Wagyu Beef Tataki
    (Lightly seared wagyu beef with thinly sliced onion and plum flavoured grated radish with a quail egg)
    The beef tataki was beautifully and meticulously presented with the fine and thinly sliced radish and onion. Look at that bright color from the wagyu beef!!!
    The meat was fresh, tender and served in high quality.
    On top of the dish, there was a raw quail egg to balance out the overall taste.

    Wagyu Beef Tataki

    Wagyu Beef Tataki


  • Gyu Tongue
    (Grilled ox tongue skewer)
    The gyu tongue was perfectly grilled! It was soft, tender and well seasoned.
    Sprinkled of grilled sesame seeds added extra texture and flavour of the dish!
    In the center, there were thinly cut spring onions to balance out the overall taste.
    It’s a simple dish and they managed to deliver it well!
    So happy with our entree and surely, we’ve had high expectation on other dishes.



  • Sushi and Sashimi Moriawase
    (Jiro’s combination of approx. 18 pieces of Sashimi, 4 Nigiri Sushi and 2 Sushi Rolls)
    This sushi and sashimi platter was beautifully presented and all of them were extremely fresh.
    Great color combination that would increase your appetite! Honestly, Mr.Epi couldn’t resist to steal this sashimi while Miss.Epi was taking a photo LOL!!
    Honestly, you can’t get wrong by having this dish and perfect for sharing.
    You would find assorted of fresh sashimi such as salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi, scallops, king fish sashimi, sword fish, sea perch and others.
    Highly recommended to order this platter, reasonable price ($32.00) and high quality!
    Definitely you won’t be disappointed.
  • Izakaya Jiro Maki
    One of the signature dish that you MUST order! This sushi was very tasty and had a balance taste. It’s a fusion sushi roll combined many different components to build such a rich and tasty sushi.
    Inside the sushi roll, you will find salmon, avocado, cucumber and spread of tobiko on outer sushi layer glazed with mayo and tempura crumb.
    It’s a mouth watering dish, all rich flavours melt into your mouth.
    We tried this similar sushi like this on other places but this one is the best so far!Izakaya Jiro Maki


  • Kani Cream Korokke
    (Japanese style crab and cream croquettes – 2 pcs)

    Kani Cream Korokke

    Kani Cream Korokke

  • Soft Shell Crab
    (Deep fried soft shell crab with sweet chilli sauce)

    Soft Shell Crab

    Soft Shell Crab

    Both deep fried dishes (Soft Shell Crab and Kani Cream Korokke) were tasty and delicious. They weren’t greasy at all;
    It was crunchy on the outside and well cooked from the inside.
    The taste was balance and well plated! Highly recommended!


  • Spicy Crab Meat Ball
    (Grilled Crab meat ball wrapped with white fish)
    The spicy crab meat ball was nicely plated and perfectly grilled.
    You’ll be surprised how good it was! The taste was absolutely stunning and balance.
    Each component complimented each other and built a great dish which you have to try. There was a hint of spiciness inside this meat ball.
    Inside, the crab meat was silky smooth wrapped nicely with white fish skin!
    Meticulously made by Izakaya Jiro Team.

    Spicy Crab Meat Ball

    Spicy Crab Meat Ball

  • Hotate Chilli Mayo
    (Grilled Hokkaido scallops topped with Japanese chilli mayonnaise)
    The Hotate Chilli Mayo was cooked in perfection.
    It had little bit smokey flavour on the outside and inside was tasty and creamy.
    There was a hint of mild spiciness to add the overall flavour.izakaya-jiro-9


  • Kaizen Yaki
    (Pan fried mix seafood in garlic butter sauce on a bed of vegetables)
    It’s a simple dish yet perfectly cooked by Izakaya Jiro Kitchen Team.
    Served in hot stone bowl, on top of the rice was a well cooked pan fried mix seafood with garlic butter sauce.
    Honestly, it’s a hearty dish! The taste was balance and rich.
    The seafood was well seasoned and not overcooked. It was soft and tender.
  • Wagyu Steak
    (200gr Wagyu steak cooked with wafu sauce)
    The portion was generously served. The meat was perfectly cooked, tender and juicy.
    We loved the wafu sauce, it wasn’t strong but sufficient enough to add the richness to this dish.
    Everything was on the spot and well executed.izakaya-jiro-15

We had Matcha(Green Tea) and Yuzu **signature** Ice Cream.
Both sorbets were fabulous. They’re creamy and not too sweet.
We didn’t struggle to finish up the dessert though we’re full already!
It’s very pleasant dessert and you MUST try their signature Yuzu ice cream.
We reckon it’s very creative and the best we’ve tried so far!

Matcha(Green Tea) and Yuzu **signature** Ice Cream

Matcha(Green Tea) and Yuzu **signature** Ice Cream

Overall we had an amazing dinner experience at Izakaya Jiro, we’d love to spread the words to public through our blog and will invite our friends to come here anytime soon 🙂

Izakaya Jiro, Hawthorn

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Izakaya Jiro’s team for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time

Yay: Wagyu Beef Tataki, Gyu Tongue, Sushi and Sashimi Moriawase, Izakaya Jiro Maki, Kani Cream Korokke, Soft Shell Crab, Spicy Crab Meat Ball, Hotate Chilli Mayo,
Kaizen Yaki, Wagyu Steak, Matcha & Yuzu ice cream
Nay: N/A

Taste: 5.0

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmilesmile

Location: 830 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Melbourne
Phone: 03 8899 6609

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