TuanTuan Chinese Brasserie, Carlton (Invited)

Tuan Tuan literally means round and round in Chinese with the idea of perfect union and gathering things together.
Tuan Tuan gives you this modern take of Chinese and HK culinaries with cozy Brunch looked yet oriental at the same time.
The idea of this restaurant is to provide a modern edgy Oriental brunch style restaurant with brasserie style that serves quick hearty authentic foods.

We are very impressed on how detailed the overall theme even the menu looks like a Chinese newspaper style.
From the first page, we kind of know what we want to try straight away!
We were so keen to try their Xue Shan Bao or more popularly known as the TuanTuan Snow Buns, Hong Kong style curry and Macanese rice dishes.


We chose the Crispy Salted Egg Custard Snow Buns – the white bun crust look like coated with snow and they were so soft with thin outer buns and
runny rich salted egg custard. Taste very similar with my favorite buns which my dad used to buy from Hong Kong.


House Special Trio On Rice is one of the Macanese dishes that caught our eyes. Greedy us want to try all the flavors
since it has three different sauces on top: Baked Seafood (creamy based); Mushroom (pesto based) and PorkChop (tomato based).
Love absolutely everything but I must say I loved the creamy most ho-ho-ho! Below all those sauces are simple and very lightly seasoned egg fried rice that easily compliment all the three sauces beautifully.


For curry lover, you definitely need to try their Chicken Curry.
The curry is so aromatic and rich with tender chicken and potatoes with a hint of spiciness.
Hearty curry which goes really well with rice, similar style like Malaysian curry but with less soup and light herbs.

You also need to check out their value noodle combo meal – so basically it will be your any noodle soup + spring rolls/special wings + teh tarik/HK traditional coffee.
We ordered the Malay Laksa Fish Soup Combo this time.
Malay Laksa Fish Soup contains fish balls, rice vermicelli, prawns, tofu and then we picked spring rolls and HK traditional coffee.
The value of this meal is only $16 but you get full meals complete with sides and drinks!
Love the laksa and definitely light on the coconut milk so it was easy to enjoy the last slurp of soup in the bowl.

Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry

Service was spot on and quick. Everything was cooked beautifully and foods in our opinion were portioned quite generously too.
Beautiful modern ambience which is cosy and comfortable to just stay and enjoy the food while catching up with family and friends.
No wonder that TuanTuan was so busy even though it was during a very late lunch period.
Definitely will come back for more!


Note: We’d like to say thank you to Tuantuan’s team for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time

Yay: TuanTuan Snow Buns, Hong Kong style curry, Macanese rice dishes, Malay Laksa Fish Soup
Nay: N/A

Taste: 4.5

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmilesmile

Location: R1/139-151 Queensberry Street, Carlton, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9995 5407
Website: https://www.tuantuancb.com.au/

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