The Fitz, Fitzroy (Invited)

The iconic cafe, The Fitz is one of the longest-running cafe in Melbourne. Without looking at the location, people might take a guess where is the location of this cafe.
I bet you know it! Yes, it’s located at the heart of Brunswick street, Fitzroy.
We’re glad to be invited by The Fitz team to have our foodie experience.

We came on the weekend hoping that the weather was good, you know that you can’t rely too much with weather forecaster apps / news in Melbourne especially the transition season from Winter to Spring season.
Thanks God! The weather was brilliant. It was sunny and not too cold.
We came just after peak hour during lunch time; We noticed that the outdoor tables were occupied by customers with beers and enjoying the sun, However the wind was still cold though LOL!!

This rustic cafe/restaurant was quite spacious, you have the options to dine in the rooftop, large outdoor seating and indoor seating.
The vibe and atmosphere were cosy and comfortable, the team was also friendly which made us feel much better.
They offer array selection of food and drinks: brunch menu is available until 4 PM, lunch & dinner such as, parma, burgers, pasta, tapas always available all day.

We started off our food blogging time by having coffee – cappuccino and Elixir of Life (Fresh Juice: Orange, Lemon, Pineapple, Ginger & Turmeric).
Honestly, you can’t go wrong by having coffee around Fitzroy and Collingwood area. You’ll see many skillful barista and coffee shops are available along the main street of these suburbs.
The Fitz’s coffee was good; The cappuccino served warm and had a balance taste.
Juice was freshly served and taste was great.

We also ordered one entree, two main dishes (one brunch menu and another from lunch/dinner menu) followed by one dessert.

  • Potato, Leek & Parmesan Croquettes
    The Croquettes were perfectly deep fried. They were not greasy or oily.
    It was crispy on the outside, cooked well and very chessy inside.
    If you’re cheese lover, this entree will definitely a great dish for you. The potato, leek and parmesan blended in perfectly.
    The taste wasn’t too strong which was good cause you don’t want to start something with the strong taste before your main dish.
  • Duck Pappardelle
    (Tender Roast Duck tossed in Spring Onion, Green Peppercorns, Baby Spinach, Button Mushrooms & sweet plum sauce finished with shaved Parmesan & Crispy Shallots)
    The Duck Pappardelle was neatly and generously served.
    The pasta was perfectly cooked, the button mushrooms and other components were also cooked and seasoned well.
    The roast duck was very tender, soft and smooth. The taste was balance, on top there were shaved parmesan & crispy shallots to give additional texture and flavour on the dish.
    The overall taste of the base sauce was sweet, for us it’s too sweet; At some point, it would overcome the main star of the dish – roast duck.
    It would be a perfect dish if the sauce had a less strong taste.
  • Pesto Eggs Benedict
    (Poached Eggs, Smoked Ham, Wilted Spinach & House-Made Pesto served on English Muffins dressed in Hollandaise & topped with Dukkah)
    We loved this Pesto Eggs Benedict, both poached eggs were perfectly cooked.
    Dish was beautifully presented and it was so appealing.
    Wilted Spinach & House-Made Pesto worked hand in hand nicely with the English Muffins; On top the Hollandaise had a balance taste and wasn’t too strong which was great cause it didn’t ruin the overall taste.
    Definitely a recommended dish when you’re visiting The Fitz.

    Wilted Spinach & House-Made Pesto

    Wilted Spinach & House-Made Pesto

  • Fitz French Toast
    (Fresh sourdough rye topped with bananas, mascarpone, berries, maple syrup & toasted pistachio nuts)
    Last but not least was the Fitz French Toast, it was beautifully presented, appealing and colorful.
    On top and on the side you’ll find fresh fruits such as bananas, berries glazed with maple syrup and sprinkled with toasted pistachio nuts.
    It’s a great dessert dish! Sweet taste came naturally from the fruits and maple syrup wasn’t too sweet and too overwhelming.
    We simply enjoyed every slice of this French Toast.

Overall, we had a great time here, great food, attentive customer service and cosy atmosphere.

Hello Spring, @whatepieats is welcoming you!!

Hello Spring, @whatepieats is welcoming you!!

Note: We’d like to say thank you to The Fitz’s team for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time

Yay: Coffee, Elixir of Life, Potato, Leek & Parmesan Croquettes, Pesto Eggs Benedict, Fitz French Toast
Nay: Duck Pappardelle’s sauce was slightly too sweet

Taste: 4.0

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmile

Location: 347 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne
03 9417 5794

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