Hakoya Izakaya, CBD (Invited)

Hakoya Izakaya is a young authentic Japanese restaurant situated in Lonsdale Street, CBD. This restaurant offers an array of mainstream /  popular Japanese dishes such as: Gyoza, Salmon Tataki, Okonomiyaki, Sashimi & Rolls, Katsu, Donburi and others.
In addition to these dishes, they also offer their signature dishes “Signature Seiromushi (Japanese steam cooking method)” and “Nabe (hot pot)” to make it stand out from other Japanese restaurants around Melbourne CBD.

We’re glad to be invited as their guests and it was Miss. Epi’s birthday during our visit.
What a perfect timing cause She loves Japanese food.
The customer service was top notch and impeccable; They were very friendly, attentive and nice.
The restaurant was quiet spacious and you have the options to dine in with small / big groups.

We loved their interior design, it was simple, modern, clean without leaving the authenticity of a typical Japanese theme.
The atmosphere and vibe were so cosy! Now, we’ve found a new spot to hang out with friends and family.

Without mentioning the food yet, for anime/Japanese cartoon lovers! You’ve got to come here to see their wall art printed inside the secluded table.
They’re so cool!!!!! Let’s talk about the food now …

For our drinks, we had green tea and Ippin Junmai Daiginjo 300ml – premium sake.
It’s our first experience to try this premium sake and we loved it!
Daiginjo has a fruity pineapple like aroma and surely it’s an excellent pairing to have with Hakoya Signature Seiromushi (steam cooking).

Izakaya – small

  • Salmon Tataki
    (Seared salmon slices with marinated onion)
    Salmon tataki was freshly served and the outer part was beautifully seared.
    The center part was still fresh, check out from the photo below. The color was bright and very appealing.
    On top there were sprinkle of thinly cut spring onions to give additional texture and taste on the dish.
    The sauce wasn’t too strong, thus you could enjoy the original taste of the fresh salmon.
    It’s a great entree dish to order!hakoya-izakaya-5
  • Wasabi Nori Taco 5pcs
    (Deep fried seaweed topped with cube cut ponzu marinated salmon, tuna, egg roll and fish roe)
    It’s very interesting dish and we’ve never had or found the similar dish like this in other places.
    Perfect combo from the crunchiness of deep fried seaweed, slightly touch of wasabi and freshly served sashimi.
    We’re stunned by this dish, absolutely AMAZING dish and definitely MUST try dish!!
    Everything was perfectly executing and nicely plating.
    We’d love to come back again for this dish!

Sashimi & Roll

  • Dragon Roll 6pcs
    (Eel, crab meat, cucumber, egg, teriyaki sauce, pickled ginger)
    Hey!! You can’t go wrong by having this fusion sushi rolls, in fact it’s one of our benchmark dishes to order when we’re going to Japanese restaurant.
    They managed to deliver a beautiful and generous portion of Dragon Roll.
    The taste was balance, not overwhelming and each component compliments each others.
    Totally worth it and MUST try this one!

    Dragon Roll 6pcs

    Dragon Roll 6pcs

Signature Katsu

  • Tonkatsu
    (Home-made bread crumbed deep fried pork loin cutlet with cabbage and tonkatsu sauce on the side)
    Katsu menu comes with Rice & Miso soup.
    The loin cutlet was perfectly deep fried and seasoned well!



    We’re surprised that their katsu *quality and taste* can match other Japanese restaurant specialty in katsu.
    We haven’t tried their other type of katsu but this one – tonkatsu, definitely can’t go wrong and spot on!
    Well executed, cooked well and not greasy at all.

Signature Seiromushi

*Seiro-mushi, the Japanese method of steam cooking in which food is steamed on hinoki wood trays; they’re glue-free and made entirely by artisan hand.

  • Combo Hinoki Seiro-mushi
    (Beef sliced, scallop, Bok-choy, Prawns, bean sprout, assorted mushrooms, Chinese cabbage and tofu)
    Something new and the only Japanese restaurant we know to have this dish.
    Everything was freshly served and cooked using a method of steam cooking.
    You’ll be having 2 dipping sauces on the side Sesame and Ponzu.
    For us, we use Sesame on the beef to give additional rich flavour and ponzu on others to give a slight touch of sweet taste.

Happy Birthday Miss. Epi! Thanks Hakoya for the cake ...

Overall, we had such an amazing night here! Another highly rated Japanese restaurant, we’re so lucky to have Hakoya Izakaya here in Melbourne.
Reasonable price, good value, high quality food and very delicious!

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Hakoya Izakaya’s team for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time

Yay: Salmon Tataki, Wasabi Nori Taco, Dragon Roll, Tonkatsu, Combo Hinoki Seiro-mushi
Nay: N/A

Taste: 5.0
Service: 5.0

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmilesmile

Location: 364 Lonsdale Street, CBD, Melbourne
Phone: 03 7014 9728

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