Soft Shell Crab Taco

Sushi Jiro, Box Hill Central

Box Hill Central has become the icon, hang out spot and “meeting point” place when you’re around Box Hill suburb. This place is an urban Asian dining hub where you can find more than 50 restaurants spreading from North Precinct and South Precinct of Box Hill Central.
We’re glad that we received $50.00 voucher to spend  by Box Hill Central Team.

Apart from serving good food, location (traffic from people) is one of the key factors for having a successful business in food and beverages.
Being one of the most popular suburbs in Melbourne, Box Hill has built its own reputation by having good schools, reasonable distance from CBD and having an established infrastructure.
Box Hill station located inside the Box Hill Central, thus potential customers are almost guaranteed when you open your food and beverages business here.

Sushi Jiro, Box Hill Central

Sushi Jiro, Box Hill Central

We arrived pretty late around 7.45 PM, we’re surprised that there are still some restaurants opened on Friday night.
Let’s see how many different places that we can spend using our $50.00 voucher to indulge ourselves.
On our way to Box Hill Central, we’ve been eyeing on Sushi Jiro; That’s our first post!

We ordered:

  • Wasabi Salmon Roll $3.90
    It’s generously served and the salmon was fresh!
    It’s a well spent for this fusion sushi. Fresh onions on the top were too much but it won’t change the overall taste. you can easily take it out if you’re not a big fan of onion!
  • Tempura Prawn Roll $3.90
    It’s decent prawn roll and meet our expectation.
  • Soft Shell Crab Handroll $3.90
    The taste was very decent, it was crunchy from the outside and perfectly cooked inside.
    The soft shell crab had a balance taste!
  • Soft Shell Crab Taco $6.40
    It’s the highlight for tonight though it’s not perfect from our experience.
    The taste was absolutely stunning and spot on!
    The sauce wasn’t too overpowering which made this taco even better cause the soft shell was still the main star.
    The seaweed was very crispy and well cooked! However, it was slightly too oily.boxhill-central-5

The concept of this Japanese sushi bar is sushi train, so you have the option to grab sushi from the rail or you can order through their apps – tablet located on your table.

We spent $18.10 on our first trip “entree” in Sushi Jiro and we still have $39.10 to spend.
Next spot

Yay: Wasabi Salmon Roll, Tempura Prawn Roll, Soft Shell Crab Handroll, Soft Shell Crab Taco
Nay: Soft Shell Crab Taco *fried seaweed* was slightly oily

Taste: 4.5

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmile

Location: Shop 68, 1 Main Street, Box Hill, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9890 9996

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