Golden Gai, Windsor

Golden Gai, Windsor (Invited)

Golden Gai is a young and vibrant Japanese authentic restaurant / bar which is newly opened to add diversity along the busy and “go to” Chapel St, Windsor.
In Japan, Shinjuku Golden Gai is a small area of Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan which is famous for the unique architectural design and nightlife.
Here, they bring the look and feel also the vibe to mimic the original Shinjuku Golden Gai area.

We’re glad to be invited to experience the food that is influenced by the back alleyways of Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan and added their own personality and creativity with neon signages, japanese fusion and pop culture references.
We came on the weekday night, it wasn’t too busy; However, many people started to come around 9 PM for late dinner.

We loved the cool and funky interior outfit especially, all the action figures on the glass cabinet. They’re so cool! We’re so bias about this because we’re anime lover 🙂

Golden Gai, Windsor

  • Sashimi (6pcs)
    *Thinly sliced raw fish: salmon, tuna, kingfish
    Check out how fresh the Sashimi, I reckon picture tells million of stories.
  • Crunchy Tiger Roll (8pcs)
    *Tempura jumbo tiger prawn, black sesame, wasabi mayo
    This popular dish is one of the most favourite dish in any Japanese fusion restaurant. In fact, it’s our favourite dish.
    The Prawns served on crunchy tiger roll were well cooked and generously served.
    The dish was well presented as well.From our point of view, the wasabi mayo sauce was too strong, it overcame and took over the main star taste of the dish. I reckon it will be better if the wasabi mayo was less strong.

    Crunchy Tiger Roll

    Crunchy Tiger Roll

  • Truffle Croquette (2pcs)
    *Veggie, truffle, potato
    We loved this simple yet perfectly executed dish. Croquette was perfectly deep fried, it wasn’t greasy and it was crunchy from outside.
    Inside was smooth and the taste was balance. The truffle oil added extra rich fragrant to the dish.
  • Wagyu Tataki
    *Seared wagyu beef slice, ponzu, infused daikon
    The presentation was outstanding, in fact it’s one of the best presentation of Wagyu Tataki we’ve ever had comparing to other similar places.
    Unfortunately, the taste wasn’t the best we’ve ever tried. We tasted the sweetness from one of the elements which killed the nice savory taste of Wagyu tataki.
  • Wagyu 7+ Tagliata Steak
    *sous vide medium rare, onsen egg, Japanese mustard
    The Wagyu 7+ was one of the highlight from tonight food journey. It was perfectly cooked medium rare and seasoned well.
    The presentation was also good which would increase your appetite.
    The onsen egg to balance out the overall taste.
  • Una Tama Don
    *Kobayaki eel on rice, tare sauce, tamagoyaki, tobiko
    Last but not least, Una Tama Don was very clean and simple dish. The Kobayaki eel was yummy and the taste was balance.
    If you’re after something clean and not complicated dish, you can go for this one.

Overall, we had good time having dinner at Golden Gai, Windsor. This place is absolutely good spot to have drink and hang out with friend. It’s a Japanese bar which you hardly find in Melbourne.

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Golden Gai’s team for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time

Yay: Sashimi, Truffle Croquette, Wagyu 7+ Tagliata Steak, Una Tama Don
Nay: N/A

Taste: 4.0

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmile

Location: 147 Chapel Street, Windsor, Melbourne, VIC
Phone: 03 8592 4668


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