Volume 2 Cafe, Abbotsford (Invited)

Volume 2 Cafe is considered a newly established brunch cafe situated in the heart of Abbotsford along side with many Asian restaurants and other Grocery shops.
This neighborhood is lucky to have Volume 2 that offers fresh and creative brunch dishes and good coffee.
We’re glad to be invited by Andrew Sholakis and Volume 2 Cafe’s team to have brunch experience.

One of the most important aspect of having successful food and beverage business is location. In fact, Volume 2 cafe is located in the main busy Victoria St, just few steps to take public transport (Tram 12 and Tram 109); Also you won’t get any issues to find on the street parking if you’re traveling with your own vehicle.
Just find the white heritage building in the corner of Victoria St and Lithgow St; You hardly miss this cafe. It may look like a worn out building from the outside; Inside, it’s well fitted, clean, modern & minimalist interior design.
We loved the vibe and atmosphere in this case.

We started our food journey by having a cup of coffee – cappuccino ** LOL my ritual to start up my engine ** and a fresh homemade juice (Watermelon, OJ, Strawberry and Mint) not in the menu

As expected from the coffee around Abbotfords, Fitzroy and Collingwood. It’s well made and had a balance taste. Spot on and enough kick to wake you up in the morning!!! Loved my Cappuccino and the fresh juice was amazing matching up with nice sunny weather when we came on the weekend.

Stealing the story from Volume 2 Cafe, they’re using Gridlock Coffee Roaster. It’s a family owned roaster located in Melbourne’s North, their mission is to scour the globe for the finest seasonal green beans to create an unforgettable cup of coffee.


Cappuccino and Fresh Juice (Watermelon, OJ, Strawberry and Mint)

Let’s get to the exciting story, we ordered two savory brunch dishes and one sweet dish.

  • Fritter Me This
    (Corn and zucchini fritters, pickled vegetable salad, toasted seeds, corn veloute, poached eggs, avocado)
    You can’t go wrong by having the Corn and zucchini fritters, for us it’s the benchmark in every brunch place.
    They nailed this dish, corn & zucchini fritters were well executed and had balance taste.
    The dish was also nicely presented and very appealing.
    Slightly sour taste from pickled vegetable salad completed the overall taste.
  • The Purp & The Pork
    (Pulled pork burger, beetroot bun, hot vinegar herb mayo, wombok slaw, pickles)
    The Purp & The Pork was nicely presented, surely you can see the effort put on the dish.
    Loved the fluffy, soft and fresh beetroot bun.
    We reckoned the pulled pork was lack of seasoning as the overall taste was overcome by the strong taste from wombok slaw and pickles.
    For us the slaw was slightly too sour but if you love sour taste, this burger is perfect for you.
  • White Chocolate Daddy Waffles
    (Vanilla and white chocolate waffles with passion fruit mascarpone, dulce de leche, lychee, kiwi, pistachio, popcorn granola)

    The waffle was beautifully presented and it had a really nice fragrant coming from each of elements inside this dish.
    The waffle was cooked perfectly inside out with the slight crisp on the edge. On the side of this dish you’ll find any sort of fresh fruits that gave natural sweetness of the dish.
    On top of this waffle, the passion fruit mascarpone gave additional texture and complex rich taste of the dish.
    We loved this waffle which wasn’t too sweet and we didn’t struggle to finish this dish. In fact, White Chocolate Daddy Waffles was the highlight for today.


Overall, we had a great time being invited by Volume 2 Cafe: good coffee, great fresh juice and good brunch dishes (only few things miss our taste but it’s still decent taste).

Note: We’d like to say thank you to Andrew Sholakis and Volume 2 cafe’s team for having us.

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time

Yay: Cappuccino, Fresh Juice, Fritter Me This, White Chocolate Daddy Waffles
Nay: Slaw in the The Purp & The Pork was slightly too sour and it overcame the overall taste.

Taste: 4.0

#whatepieats smilesmilesmilesmile

Location: 385 Victoria Street, Abbotsford
Phone: +61394283345

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