White Mojo, Melb CBD

White Mojo, Melb CBD

We participated in the Thanksgiving “Breakfast for 2” giveaway run by @whitemojo early December 2019. We’re so thankful and give thanks that we won this giveaway.
White Mojo conveniently situated in Hardware Lane, Melbourne CBD. Literally you can take any public transport to go to this cafe, just 10-15 mins walking distance from the busy Elizabeth Street and Little Bourke / Melbourne Central Station.

White Mojo Giveaway

White Mojo Giveaway

We’ve been struggling to schedule an appointment with White Mojo team to redeem our winning because it is not redeemable on the weekend and any public holiday.
Though we’re happy to compensate them to come not during peak-hour, it’s still not allowed.

It’s very rare occasion that @what.epi.eats team is available on their food journey during weekday; However, due to running some important errands around CBD, @what.epi.eats team took this opportunity to redeem the winning.
Initially, we’re quite disappointed with the arrangement to redeem our winning on weekday, now we truly understand what’s happening here.

We came around 1 PM and stayed there till 2.30 PM; Surprisingly, it was still busy during peak and non-peak hour.
A quick turn over table is very crucial of having food/beverages business around CBD; When we occupy our table on the weekend, they’re losing their potential earning.
This reminded us to the old days of “Hardware Society” hype.

Anyway, we ordered Iced Matcha Latte and Black Latte with Bonsoy (contains peanut, almond and black sesame)

Iced Matcha Latte and Black Latte with Bonsoy

Iced Matcha Latte and Black Latte with Bonsoy

The matcha latte was spot on and we’ve never tried and found Black Latte with Bonsoy in other places;
It’s made of stone grinded black sesame, almond and peanut with steamed soy milk.
It’s absolutely brilliant, a creative and had a balance taste. Though it’s bit pricey $7.00, you should try once at least.

We ordered two savory dishes and one sweet dish as per our usual.

  • Signature Croissant Burger
    Soft shell crab, chipotle mayo, smoked eel, pickled cucumber, chorizo crumb and fried eggs on buttery croissant.
    The dish was beautifully presented and honestly, you can’t go wrong by ordering this dish.
    They chose the great elements to construct the dish by combining soft shell crab and croissant; The Soft Shell Crab was nicely deep fried and it wasn’t greasy.
    The croissant was served fresh, buttery and slightly crisp on the outer layer.
    It wasn’t the best Soft Shell Crab brunch dish, we’ve ever tried; The taste was still above the average.
  • Citrusy Mille-Feuille
    Almond sponge cake, lime & orange mascarpone, malt meringue, yuzu ganach montee, chocolate soil, mandarin & coyo powder, apricot gel and passionfruit ice cream.
    We’re quite impressed with this dish, it was nicely presented.
    The dish had a complicated taste in positive way, there was a balance touch of sweet and sour taste.
    Passionfruit ice cream was really yummy and the taste wasn’t too overpowering.
    Mandarin & coyo powder, apricot gel and chocolate soil gave additional texture to this dish.
  • Seafood Risotto
    Seasonal greens cooked in risotto, crab meat, mussels & pipis, sorrel, black lava salt, served with lemon wedge.
    The mussels were perfectly cooked, seasoned and freshly served. That’s the highlight of this dish.
    Unfortunately, it’s the least among those dishes above. The seafood risotto missed the mark.
    The risotto wasn’t creamy enough, we hardly taste the crab meat inside the risotto and you hardly find anything without the mussels.

    Seafood Risotto

    Seafood Risotto

Surely we had fun today, nice weather, great coffee and good food.

White Mojo, Melb CBD

Disclaimer: Honest opinions expressed here are purely on our own and are based on our experience at that time

Yay: matcha latte, Black Latte with Bonsoy, Signature Croissant Burger, Citrusy Mille-Feuille
Nay: Seafood Risotto missed the mark

Taste: 3.5

#whatepieats smilesmilesmile

Location: 115 Hardware Street, CBD, Melbourne
Phone: +61390788119
Website: https://www.whitemojo.com.au/

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