Hey you!!! thanks for reading little bit of my profile.

So you want to find out a little bit more about me, huh? how do you pronounce that name “whatepieats“? why do you choose that quirky name? who is this blogger?
whatepieats pronouned [ wɒt/] [ ɛpi ] [ iːt s] – simply what Epi (me) eats!!

Once upon a time in the capital city of Indonesia – Jakarta, there was a little baby who always smiled. The parents said that this kid was always happy and smile no matter what.
When the kid started learning to speak, this kid tried to imitate his parents to say “Happy”.
Unfortunately, he still couldn’t properly pronounce the word ‘Happy’. He kept saying “Epi Epi Epi”, that’s when this kid got his nickname ‘Epi’.

Now, the kid has grown up to be a mature man and pursued his career in Melbourne working in IT.
In his spare time, on the weekday loves playing indoor soccer and on the weekend he is keen to try different cafe, brunch and all sorts of food around Melbourne with his partner.
While he loves eating food and his partner loves taking photo – it’s a perfect combination 🙂
After enjoying the good food, he will start expressing the food, location, price, taste, service and speed from the restaurant by combining their honest opinions. Their purpose is to help other potential customers who want to dine in that place.
His name is Jeffry Susanto with his own assistant ( Miss ‘Laura’ ), she’s the photographer. This lovely, cute and funny girl now is my wife.