Grand Lafayette, Prahran

Grand Lafayette offers range of very instagrammable brunch menu with Japanese fusion dishes from around the world and also all-you-can-eat for only $32.80.
Wow. I know. The shop is recently opened in Prahran area and quite hiding in the alley. It has this spacious warehouse feel with so colorful splashes in every corner and touch of greenery here and there which we love.
The venue will easily accommodate big groups.

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Park St Dining, Carlton North (Invited)

Park St Dining is located in the busy Nicholson Street, Carlton North where you can find other cafes/restaurants along this street.
This cafe situated slightly away from the hustle bustle main street, a perfect spot to have quiet time for breakfast/lunch.
We’re glad to be invited by Park St Dining to experience the cafe latest’s menu from newly appointed Head Chef Greg McFarland who has extensive experiences in well known cafe in Melbourne.

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Sir Charles, Fitzroy (Invited)

Do you know that the name of Sir Charles named after Sir Charles Augustus FitzRoy?
Who’s that guy? He was the a British military officer, politician and member of the aristocracy,
who held governorships in several British colonies during the 19th century [skip] [skip] [skip] Australia …
Back to the original story of our food journey cause it’s not a history lesson 🙂
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Collective Espresso, Camberwell (Invited)

Located just 3 mins away from Camberwell Station, Collective Espresso is easy to be be found.
The place is good for small to medium size group of people given the size of the place.
They have a long table with high chair in the middle of the restaurant with lots of light. Perfect for casual brunch with friends and family.
They also have some outdoor table if you come with pets 🙂
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