TuanTuan Chinese Brasserie, Carlton (Invited)

Tuan Tuan literally means round and round in Chinese with the idea of perfect union and gathering things together.
Tuan Tuan gives you this modern take of Chinese and HK culinaries with cozy Brunch looked yet oriental at the same time.
The idea of this restaurant is to provide a modern edgy Oriental brunch style restaurant with brasserie style that serves quick hearty authentic foods.

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Lavezzi Gelateria, Carlton

We’re so happy to win a give away of a tube of ice cream from Lavezzi Gelateria.
They just opened a new branch in Lygon Street, Carlton following their first success in Eastland Shopping Centre, Ringwood
This newly opened gelato shop has brought attention to all Gelato lovers in Lygon Street, Carlton due to their freshness and variety of flavours.
Melbournians are lucky enough to try the original Italian gelato recipe passed through generation since 1870.

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Ying Thai 2, Carlton

You might be thinking why the name is Ying Thai 2 and where is Ying Thai 1?
Ying Thai 1 was situated in Victoria Street in Abbotsford opened since 1996 and claimed to be one of the best Thai food around this area.
Not long after the successful of Ying Thai in North Richmond, they opened another sister’s branch in Carlton named Ying Thai 2.
Unfortunately, Ying Thai 1 is now permanently closed as you know of many competitors of Thai restaurants in this area over the time.
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