White Mojo, Melb CBD

White Mojo, Melb CBD

We participated in the Thanksgiving “Breakfast for 2” giveaway run by @whitemojo early December 2019. We’re so thankful and give thanks that we won this giveaway.
White Mojo conveniently situated in Hardware Lane, Melbourne CBD. Literally you can take any public transport to go to this cafe, just 10-15 mins walking distance from the busy Elizabeth Street and Little Bourke / Melbourne Central Station.
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Hakoya Izakaya, CBD (Invited)

Hakoya Izakaya is a young authentic Japanese restaurant situated in Lonsdale Street, CBD. This restaurant offers an array of mainstream /  popular Japanese dishes such as: Gyoza, Salmon Tataki, Okonomiyaki, Sashimi & Rolls, Katsu, Donburi and others.
In addition to these dishes, they also offer their signature dishes “Signature Seiromushi (Japanese steam cooking method)” and “Nabe (hot pot)” to make it stand out from other Japanese restaurants around Melbourne CBD.

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David’s Spicy Pot – Elizabeth Street (Invited)

David’s Spicy Pot is one of the fastest growing Spicy Hot Pot restaurants in Melbourne. They have 3 branches around CBD for now: Latrobe St, Russel St and Elizabeth St. We believe they will even have more branches and cover different part of Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs anytime soon if they could deliver the consistent taste, great customer services and fresh / creative variety of food selections.

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Oriental Spoon 2, Melb CBD (Invited)

Oriental Spoon 2 is one of the longstanding Korean restaurants in Melbourne with consistent food over these years. Specialising in staple and hearty Korean foods which can be casually enjoyed everyday. Oriental Spoon 2 is the second shop of the Oriental Spoon sister company in La Trobe St and it introduced the Korean BBQ dining on the second floor. With more than 80 seats available in the restaurant, Oriental Spoon 2 is easily become the options to dine in with a big group.

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Claypots Barbarosa, Melb CBD (Invited)

Claypots Barbarosa, CBD is the youngest among the other well established Claypots sister’s restaurant in Saint Kilda and South Melbourne.
This humble venue offers creative and traditional European style “Aperitivo Hour” specialising in Seafood. This venue built under the concept of hospitality, friends a place where people feel warm, welcoming and delighted.
We’re so delighted to be invited to have foodie experience in Claypots CBD.

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Hui Lau Shan, Melb CBD (Invited)

Hui Lau Shan opened its first store in Australia in the busy Elizabeth St in Melbourne CBD.
This Hong Kong chain is famous for its prominent use of mango in their diverse range of drinks and desserts – from ice cream balls, mochi balls, sago and soup desserts.
You surely won’t miss this shop with bright yellow sign from the outside. The shop is located right beside claw machines arcade with cute decorations.
We almost mistaken that they are the same shops.

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David’s Spicy Pot, Russell St (Invited)

Hotpot restaurant has become a trend in Melbourne since 2017 and that’s where David’s Spicy Pot first established right in Melbourne CBD. This restaurant is considered one of the fastest growing Sichuan restaurants.
It takes less than 2 years since the opening of David’s main branch, this Sichuan restaurant has already opened 2 other branches located on different part of Melbourne CBD, Russell Street and Elizabeth Street.

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